Average Rating: 3, Reviews: 4
anyport I've used them for numerous trips to/ from airport, and every driver i have had has been great. I would recommend. anyport
Jon Watts
anyport Very good service, return trip to London in a comfortable 7 seater people carrier for a birthday lunch. Charming driver/owner, reliable - good communication. We were absolutely delighted and highly recommend. anyport
Clare Hampshire
anyport Appalling ! Booked a taxi on the 2nd Sept for a collection on the 10th. Was sent a booking confirmation which confirmed the total price I needed to pay of £43.00. Waverley taxis called me 1 hour and 20 mins before the due taxi collection telling me that they could not get a local taxi so the fare would now be £55.00 !!! Told them to cancel it. Would never book with them again ! anyport
anyport Phone to confirm my booking as not received to be told despite booking online and quoting a price of £20 - it was now £24! and that I cant pay online I must give cash. The person on the phone was so rude and told me £4 is nothing so whats the problem. And cab companies wonder why people prefer Uber. anyport